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Vi har gjort om så den nu innehåller Trend UK hela sortiment på ca 8000 artiklar. Här finns deras maskiner, tillbehör, reservdelar osv.

Vill man komma åt Rubank Verktygs AB's andra sortiment, finns det på Där finns också en mindre del av Trends produkter. Man kan gå mellan de olika affärerna genom att klicka på loggorna i ovan kant på första sidan.

Vill man köpa något från tools4wood och går det givetvis att få det samlevererat. Genomför affärerna i de olika e-shoparna, i den ena väljer man frakt och i den andra väljer man upphämtning och skriver en kommentar om vilket order-nummer den andra ordern har, så sammanför vi de bägge. är på engelska just nu. Vi översätter allt eftersom. På varor som inte finns hemma, är det ca 2 veckors leveranstid på. Det finns produkter som det står "UK sale only" på, men det är inte nödvändigtvis så, är ni intresserad av en sådan produkt hör med oss så kollar vi upp om den går att skicka hit. Elektriska 115V-maskiner skickas inte hit, utan där får man välja de som 220V med rätt kontakt "Euro plug only".



Kampanjpriser finns här;

New CraftPro Sawblade for Dewalt Flexvolt Wormdrive Cordless Framing Saw.

10 September 2018

Meeting the demand from end users for an affordable, high-quality alternative blade for DeWalt’s DCS577 Flexvolt Worm drive cordless saw, Trend have introduced a 24 tooth 184mm (7 1/4in) diameter blade which can be used in both the USA import and UK release machines.


  • Built with an anti-kickback design feature. 

  • Comes with the innovative ‘Knock out’ centre.

  • Made with high quality Tungsten Carbide to provide an outstanding life time.

  • Ideal for medium/coarse, fast cut ripping and cross cut work in ‘first fix’ type applications.

New Mortise and Fluting Jig

16 July 2018

A new addition to the popular multi-function Combination Router Base (CRB) to further expand its capabilities.
The new Fluting and Morticing Jig fits onto the CRB baseplate and has twin fences to fully support the router on narrower material to allow the CRB to make controllable and repeatable cuts without deviating.
Widths from 12mm to 177mm can be fitted between the fence jaw facings.

The new Morticing and Fluting Jig is ideal for many applications including decorative fluting, routing for intumescent strips on fire doors, sliding dovetail cuts for breadboard ends and is perfect for general morticing and any work where the router needs to be positioned with accuracy and stability on an edge.

For more details visit the Mortise and Fluting Jig product page, or contact our Sales Teams or your Regional Sales Manager.

New 5pc Trend Snappy Metal Twist Drill Set

13 July 2018

Set of five premium quality drills for metal, wood and plastics has been introduced to the extensive and popular Trend Snappy range.
The set comprises 3mm, 4mm, 5mm,6mm and 8mm drills, each with a Trend Snappy quick change shank.

Each drill is manufactured from a single piece of High Speed Steel with the shanks hardened to 57-61 HRC for maximum strength and durability and have specially ground flutes for fast, clean and true drilling in a multitude of materials including mild steel, alloyed steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics and wood.

The stubby design ranges from 60 to 70mm overall length which makes them ideal for pilot and clearance holes for screws or working in tight spots as well as general drilling duties.
They are supplied in a plastic storage case and are suitable for use in both drills and impact drivers.

For full details visit the SNAP/MTD1/SET product page or view our full range of Trend Snappy Products.

New Drainer Groove Pro Jig

1 June 2018

The new Drainer Groove Jig increases the range of jigs available to the trade and now allows solid wood and solid surface worktops to have a range of different draining groove designs let into the surface for added diversity and bespoke options.

The 12mm thick high-pressure laminate jig comprises an outer frame with a drop in internal sliding router carriage that offers ´X,Y´ movement to allow the router to travel freely and can also be locked to any position for specific groove positions. Along with a series of length stop positions on the outer frame, it also allows the groove length to be altered to suit shorter worktops or to introduce your own designs. A built-in fall on the jig sets a suitable taper into any grooves to allow water to drain freely and with the free movement the internal frame allows, recesses can easily be made into the surface to give a flat area with the same fall that can then be used with or without additional grooving.

The DG PRO jig also has a range of five templates available with three fan designs: Curved, Straight and Lightning plus a standard parallel groove and a Hot Rod options. These templates drop into the outer frame with a fool proof locator design and have adjustments to eliminate any movement between the template and frame during the cutting operation.

The jig is used with a 1/2¨ shank plunge router fitted with a 30mm guidebush (20mm guidebush for the Lightning Fan Template) and suitable cutters.

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